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Who would you recommend this book to?
– Average bartenders, tequila aficionados, people who want to know more things about tequila and the spirit of the blue agave.
When was this book published?
–  2012
Who is the author?
Tomas Estes, the global tequila ambassador. Estes had his first trip to Mexico as a kid and soon after this, he fell in love with the country’s magic. His genuine passion for Mexico’s national spirit has been recognised by the Mexican National Chamber for the Tequila Industry which awarded him the title Ambassador of Tequila. He has opened a lot of bars around Europe, but I only had the chance to visit his Mexican venue “Cafe Pacifico” in London , during the summer of 2008. And this is where I met Tomas Estes for the first time along with my friends Panagiotis Kanavetas, Stefanos Paraskevoudis and Grigoris Mitrakos. It was Michael Menegos who introduced us to this legendary bar and to Tomas himself. Tomas has a true love of Tequila. He is always trying to convince the general public that tequila can be great as a sipping drink and can be used creatively in cocktails. Estes has visited Greece as a guest speaker in bar academy and the athens bar show 2011. I suppose that he knows how much bartenders, here in Greece, love him .

So, what’s so special about this book?
– Wanna know what hacienda, jima, hijuelitos, palenque, tahona, sotol, Zapotec and tobola mean? This is a book that can explain you everything you need to know about tequila and this brilliant agave spirit. The book is edited by Ian Cameron and it includes amazing pictures by Simon Difford. “Tequila is Mexico” and this is fully described though the 240 pages. Read about the history of tequila, the harvesting process of the agave, the cooking methods of the plant, the milling and the fermentation. Learn more things about tequila’s distillation techniques and how much the distillates mature. Grab useful information about mezcal and read about what Estes says about the “Future for Tequila”. Oh, and finally, this book lists 100 key tequila cocktail recipes reflecting the diversity of this misunderstood spirit.