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Rum Curious: An Indispensable Tasting Guide

Rich in detail, very well-written and easy to read, Rum Curious is poised to be an essential Rum manual for bartenders and rum lovers. pictures: Vangelis Patsialos Who would you recommend this book to? – Rum Curious is poised to be an essential drinks manual for...

Smuggler’s Cove: The Book

Featuring a groundbreaking new approach to understanding rum and more than 100 delicious recipe, “Smuggler’s Cove” is the magnum opus of the contemporary tiki renaissance.

Potions of the Caribbean

Potions of the Caribbean is Beachbum Berry’s last book and it is basically an answer to the questions that sometime Tiki imbibers ask themselves while drinking cocktails they don’t understand.


The term Tiki refers to large wood and stone anthropomorphic figures, which resembled the first man, according to the Polynesian culture. The Tiki phenomenon made its appearance around 1940-1950 with Donn The Beachcomber and Victor Jules Bergeron (also known as Trader...

Fog Cutter – Samoan version

The Samoan Fog Cutter is one of those wonderful Tropical Cocktails containing freshly squeezed juices with orgeat’s sweetness and a sherry kick. (picture: Vangelis Patsialos) The Samoan Fog Cutter belongs to those great tropical Tiki drinks that  make life seems...

Mai Tai

Mai Tai cocktail:: We unwrap the island mystery which combines tropical flavors with a blend of fascinating rums!

Beachbum Berry Remixed : A Gallery of Tiki Drinks

Beachbum Berry’s Remixed is my own “bible” and most absolute text book for Tiki cocktails. Remixed is something more than “A Gallery of Tiki Drinks”. Remixed is a completely revised and updated worth reading book containing the information written in Jeff’s previous books Grog Log and Intoxica! Furturemore, there are 107 new drinks inside. This tropical drinks anthology contains 40 newly discovered, previously unpublished vintage Tiki drink recipes from the 1930s-1960s and 43 of the best new recipes from today’s Tiki revival. Apart from the many recipes, the book offers some useful tips for tiki bartendind, a lot of historical facts around exotic drinks originality and a rum glossary. Beachcomber’s punch, Boo Loo, Derby Daiquiri, Fog Cutter, and Noa Noa, are only few of the recipes that this book describes. Read it and feel like a true Pacific Islander.