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A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar

There is an old Dutch saying which goes like this: “A sailor’s best working compass is a glass completely filled with genever”. A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar was built in 1782. The distillery is run by Fenny van Wees and the employees are just a few loyal workers. All products are exclusively made of pure natural raw materials, without the addition of artificial flavours. The drinks are coloured with natural colorants. Jenever (in English it is spelled Genever) is a typical Dutch drink. The word means , quite simply, juniper.

A Belgian Whisky…

In Greek mythology, the owl carries two symbols: knowledge (γνώση) and wisdom (σοφία). Knowledge for distilling The Belgian Owl and wisdom for tasting it.

What are spirits?

What are spirits? What is alcohol? And where does it come from? The history of spirit production has a little bit of everything. Greeks, alchemists, Arabs, perfume makers, scientists, monks, doctors, pharmacists, pirates, Dutch, Spanish and many many more. But if you...