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A Clumsy Spotlight : Tο νέο cocktail menu από το The Clumsies

Ο καινούριος κατάλογος των The Clumsies, με τίτλο A Clumsy Spotlight,  λειτουργεί σαν το προσωπικό σημειωματάριο της ομάδας, που ανοίγει το σπίτι της και μοιράζεται τις συνταγές, τον τρόπο σκέψης της και την ίδια της την ιστορία.


Πιθανότατα να αναρωτιέστε τί δουλειά μπορεί να έχει ένα γαλακτοκομικό προϊόν, το κεφίρ, σε ένα website που καταπιάνεται με το αλκοόλ και τα bar. Μα είναι καθαρά θέμα αλκοολικής ζύμωσης! Σας είχα προτείνει κάποτε να διαβάσετε το βιβλίο The Art of Fermentation, το οποίο...

Ron Barceló

Ron Barceló was the reason that we ‘ve recently visited Dominican Republic. This tropical paradise, creates the ideal circumstances for best rum production.

National Genever Museum – Hasselt

The National Genever Museum of Hasselt, produces its own unique and geographically protected styles of genever. The latter is distilled in accordance with a 19th century recipe, in which we had the luck to be introduced by the distiller himself:

Schiedam’s Jenever Museum

JeneverMuseum in Schiedam, is not just another museum. Of course, it is a place that houses historical facts and materials about genever production during the old Dutch days. But at the same time, under the museum’s roof there is plenty of modern equipment which is used nowadays for the production of “the mother of all gins”: The original single malt genever.

Absolut Vodka : a few notes

There are many times, that people – and especially bartenders – try debasing white spirits by comparing them with vodka. “This rum smells like vodka” or “That white rum is a molassa vodka” or “gin is just a juniper flavored vodka” are common phrases of using vodka as “the underestimated” spirit. But how many things do they really know about vodka? Is finally vodka an indifferent spirit? Are all vodkas the same? Does it really matters which vodka one uses as a base spirit in a cocktail? And should bartenders show their true love in more “premium” vodkas?