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The Tequila Ambassador

Wanna know what hacienda, jima, hijuelitos, palenque, tahona, sotol, Zapotec and tobola mean? This is a book that can explain you everything you need to know about: the history of tequila, the harvesting process of the agave, the cooking methods of the plant, the milling and the fermentation. Learn more things about tequila’s distillation teqniches and how much the distillates mature. Grab useful information about mezcal and read about what Estes says about the “Future for Tequila”.The book lists 100 key tequila cocktail recipes reflecting the diversity of this misundestood spirit. And, please, don’t forget to pay a visit at Dos Agaves, a Groovy Cocktail Bar in Athens specialized in tequila potable yummies.

A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar

There is an old Dutch saying which goes like this: “A sailor’s best working compass is a glass completely filled with genever”. A.van Wees distillery de Ooievaar was built in 1782. The distillery is run by Fenny van Wees and the employees are just a few loyal workers. All products are exclusively made of pure natural raw materials, without the addition of artificial flavours. The drinks are coloured with natural colorants. Jenever (in English it is spelled Genever) is a typical Dutch drink. The word means , quite simply, juniper.

Tsipouro Festival in Domnista

You can’t really appreciate the tradition that Domnista carries for decades if you don’t live this experience at least once in your lifetime. In this video, you can watch the presentation that I made, a few months ago, in a group of kind foreign people, in order to give them a small picture of what happens there every October. And believe me, it was a real challenge for me, to transmit -through this small presentation- all those unforgettable days and nights that I have been living in Domnista during the last years’ festivals…

A Belgian Whisky…

In Greek mythology, the owl carries two symbols: knowledge (γνώση) and wisdom (σοφία). Knowledge for distilling The Belgian Owl and wisdom for tasting it.


Title: Punch Author: David Wondrich This is exactly what the cover says: An anecdotal history of the original monarch of mixed drinks. With more than 40 recipes, fully annotated and a complete course in the lost art of compounding punch.

G’Vine Gin

What spirit would you produce if you lived in Cognac? Another Cognac? Or would you choose to “aromatise” it with your own unique way? Exactly as EuroWineGate company does in order to produce the G’Vine Gin.