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Liquid Request

Το Liquid Request ήταν ένα από τα πρώτα κοκτέιλ υπογραφής μου, που δημιούργησα με αφορμή τον διαγωνισμό Bacardi Martini Grand Prix 2007. Διαβάστε πώς το έφτιαξα τότε και πώς θα το παρασκεύαζα σήμερα.

Cras es Noster

Νιώθω πως αέρας δε μου φτάνει, η αναπνοή μου γίνεται πολύ γρήγορη και η καρδιά μου φτάνει στα όριά της. To Cras es Noster είναι ένα mocktail και το αφιερώνω

Fentimans: Just Landed!

This was the right time for Fentimans products to arrive in Greece. As soon as the first bottles landed in Athens, I was given some samples to try them. I was so amazed with the Ginger Beer and the Rose Lemonade that I decided to create two signature cocktails.


  Yes, Cosmopolitan is the cocktail for which you may have heard almost a zillion things about its color, its sweetness or sourness and how it was invented. It is not a classic cocktail from the past 19th century. It is no longer the trend cocktail in London or New...