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Skinos mastiha spirit is a unique world white spirit produced in Greece. Its predominant flavor is mastiha of course. Mastiha is a pure natural ingredient that is being produced on the Greek island of Chios. Mastiha’s amazing benefits in people’s health have been appreciated from the very beginning. From the ancient Roman emperors who used to aromatise their wine with mastiha, till October 2004 that Skinos mastiha spirit appeared in the market, it’s been a very long time. From 600 B.C. mastiha, travelled the world from Greece to Geneva, in Turkey and back in Athens. Today, Skinos mastiha spirit is available in Europe, Middle East and in the American continent. I must admit that I was ignoring the difference of Skinos from other similar products until the day that I visited the distillery, which is located in Athens. Have a look at the pictures of  Vangelis Patsialos and you may realize why Skinos mastiha spirit is not just another liqueur,  but a real distillate. A Mediterranean spirit.

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