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The Samoan Fog Cutter is one of those wonderful Tropical Cocktails containing freshly squeezed juices with orgeat’s sweetness and a sherry kick.

(picture: Vangelis Patsialos)

The Samoan Fog Cutter belongs to those great tropical Tiki drinks that  make life seems more beautiful. Unlike other Tiki Cocktails like the Mai Taithe Samoan Fog Cutter does not contain a blend of rums, but a blend of rum, gin and brandy. This cocktail is basically a new (and lighter) version of the original Fog Cutter which was invented by Trader Vic. To be honest when one of my guests asks for a Fog Cutter I always make the Samoan version. It is lighter, it is tastier and it contains crushed ice that helps in the creation of a smoother texture and, the dilution of the drink’s strength. Keep in mind that the Fog Cutter contains a generous measure of fresh lemon and orange juices. That means that is definitely a sour cocktail which is strongly recommended to drink after Thai or Polynesian cuisine meals.
Here is the recipe (adopted from Beachbum Berry’s book Remixed):

Samoan Fog Cutter

  • 45 ml [1 ½ oz]  light Puerto Rican rum (e.g. DonQ or Bacardi superior)
  • 15 ml [½ oz]  brandy
  • 15 ml [½ oz]  gin
  • 15 ml [½ oz] sweet (cream) sherry (float)
  • 15 ml [½ oz] Monin orgeat syrup
  • 60 ml [2 oz] fresh lemon juice
  • 30 ml [1 oz] fresh orange juice

Add all ingredients, apart from sherry, in a blender. Add two scoops of ice and blend for 10 seconds until ice is crushed – but not too much. Pour into a Tiki mug or a highball glass without straining the blended mixture. Float sherry on top. Serve with  straws and garnish with a clean and fresh mint sprig.

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