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Who would you recommend this book to?
– Bartenders, bar industry professionals, home enthusiasts and cocktail lovers and everyone who wants to keep up with innovation and bar science. Including key information on tools and techniques as well as infusing and distilling to imbue your drinks with maximum flavour, this is the ultimate guide to modern cocktailing.

When was this book published?
–  April 2018 by Pavilion.

Who is the author?
– International award-winning bartender, Rich Woods. He is at the forefront of cocktail development and a key figure in bridging the gap between the worlds of food and drink. Rich Wood’s signature style and cutting-edge cocktails combine to make him one of the world’s most exciting bartenders. As Global Head of Drink Development for Orange Brands Management, Rich oversees the development of ever-changing drinks programs across the globe, as well as creating new brands and products for the group. His flavour-pushing creations can be seen in SUSHISAMBA in London, New York, Miami Beach and Las Vegas, Duck and Waffle in London and Duck and Waffle Local (also in London). His social media channels are awash with inspirational, mouth-watering creations and can be followed @the_cocktailguy.

So, what’s so special about this book?
– In his first book, Rich Woods unlocks the secrets of making creative cocktails at home, from mastering classic techniques, to flavoring alcohol through simple infusions and more complex distillations and making your own home-made bitters from herbs, spices, fruits, and roots. At the center of Rich’s creative process is an understanding and exploration of flavor; from the way it unravels on the palate to new and unique combinations that are designed to surprise and delight. Including 70 drink recipes, and key information on tools and techniques and infusing and distilling to imbue your drinks with maximum flavor, this is the ultimate guide to modern cocktailing for the home bartender.
The 70 drinks recipes are divided into chapters –‘Inspired by the Garden’ (e.g. Thai Swizzle, Avocado Batida) and ‘From the Kitchen’ (e.g. Ristretto Negroni, Yuzu Martinez), all achievable for the (advanced) home bartender, while the third chapter, ‘Iconoclastic’ (e.g. Defected Black Russian), covers 13 of Rich’s most creative recipes with challenging ingredients and exciting combinations. For the more adventurous reader, the final chapter, ‘Distillations and Infusions’, describes distillation methods for creations like your own Beetroot & Chocolate Liqueur or a vodka transformation. Finally, I really liked some extra details on each page, describing the recipes on a scale of 1-5 according to difficulty level. I do believe that you will find this book very interesting and challenging, even if your bookshelf is like mine: Full of bartending books!

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