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Raspberry punch is exactly that astonishingly red fruity cocktail that your guests would love ordering instead of a strawberry daiquiri. Just let them know their choices, right?

It is true:  Whenever a red cocktail appears somewhere between a guest’s hands, a lot of people around him or her will ask for the same cocktail. Because of the fact that I hate making other daiquiris, apart from the original lime version, Raspberry Punch is a great choise for red fruity cocktail lovers. Just make sure that you will let them know their choices through your menu, or your trained bar staff. Here is the recipe:

Raspberry Punch

  • 50 ml cognac VSOP
  • 5 ml maraschino liquer
  • 5 ml Monin raspberry syrup
  • 12 raspberries

Pour all the liquids into a mixing glass. Add the raspberries. Shake all ingredients with plenty of ice and strain into a small bar glass (or e.g. a mini Bodega glass). Add a large piece of ice (smaller pieces of ice  will make the cocktail “weaker” and since I didn’t want too much dilution I used a large cubed ice). Garnish with one or more raspberries. 

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