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Nostos: A Greek word synonym to homecoming, the desire to return back home after a long journey. Like Odysseus, the main character of the Greek epic poem Odyssey, (written by Homer during the 8th century BC) who strived to get home after the Trojan War and the fall of Troy. The same desire that lead Theodoros Manousakis and his daughter Alexandra Manousakis back to their family homeland, Crete. After spending a big part of their lives in America, they came back and created Nostos wines.

When we arrived at Manousakis winery on Chania, we received so much information about the amazing story of Manousakis family that we felt totally surprised and…yes…complicated.  We were guided by Alexandra at the old house of her family, then around the old winery and the facilities inside it.  We were told that we should not have great expectations of what we were going to see, since there was the new winery which is under construction and, as a result, a lot of the equipment was somewhere “in the middle stage”. But soon after being there, we realized that we were very lucky. Why? Because the truth was that we found ourselves between the past and the future, or let’s say in the middle of  – what Facebook calls – the Timeline of Nostos Wines: A brand new building is going to be completed in a few months and a lot of state of the art equipment is going to be housed inside it.

Of course, everything else is going to remain the same: the incredible terroir of Lefka Ori, the vineyards, the great methodology (a fusion of the French traditional methods and the US scientific approach) implemented by Kostis Galanis, the passion, the philosophy and the experience of the team which consists of some of “the best of the best” in wine making business.

Fortunately, Vangelis Patsialos was there, in order to take some wonderful pictures of Manousakis’ family past, the old winery and … the future” .  And a simple reminder: Don’t forget, dear reader, that spirits owe their existence in wine (and beer, of course).