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Who would you recommend this book to?
– Advanced bartenders, expert mixologists, professional cocktail makers.

When was this book published?
–  2012

Who is the author?
Tony Conigliaro, expert mixologist and award-winning bartender. Having worked as a bartender for many years in places such as Isola and Shochu Lounge in London, he started paying attention to chefs and got inspired from them. He adopted new methods into his cocktail repertoire, resulting in some ground-breaking cocktail menus. Tony Cogniliaro is also the owner of the amazing bar
69 Colebrook Row in Islington, North London

So, what’s so special about this book?
– Drinks is a stunning new-fashioned cocktail guide. Drinks is not a classic cocktail book, neither a bar manual. Conigliaro talks about cocktail making in terms of craftmanship. He studies the relationship of liquids with aroma and flavor. He unravels the true mystery of sensations while humans swallow, smell and see their cocktails. This book has around fifty great recipes and the author modernizes the classics experimenting with his brilliant technical equipment and ideas. Tony Conigliaro describes valuable information about Bain-marie, vacuum machine, smoking gun, dehydrator, chiller, rotavapor and more. Actually, Drinks is a book for those expert bartenders that want to extend their skills and would like to go further.

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