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Who would you recommend this book to?
– Bartenders, mixologists, gin cocktail lovers, gin connoisseurs and people who want to read about the juniper spirit’s history.

When was ‘Diffordsguide Gin’ published?
–  2013

Who is the author?
– Simon Diffords is the author of Diffordsguide Gin. He lives and breathes the modern drinks industry. His own bar, at his house in South London, is one of the best stocked bars in the world, with practically every example of spirits and liqueurs on the market today. He has become a world authority and expert on distillation and is respected for his encyclopedic knowledge of spirits production.

So, what’s so special about this book?
– Diffordsguide Gin has all you need to know about gin: In this book you will find a detailed history about the juniper spirit, a full explanation of gin styles and production methods and in-depth reports on many distilleries and production methods. The book also includes a huge inventory of 175 gin brands from all over the world. Discover when did the first known written use of the word ‘gin’ appeared and what really happened during the London’s Gin Craze. There are also a lot of gin cocktails explained inside the book along with many marvellous pictures.