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“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”   Dave Barry ( Pulitzer Prize-winning American author).

It was more than three years ago, when my very good friend Panos, had the brilliant idea of organizing a Road trip from Denmark to Sweden. Soon, the four of us (John, Panos, Panos #2 and myself) were landed in Copenhagen, where we had our rented 2400 cc turbo diesel car waiting for us. During our road trip – which lasted nine whole unforgettable days and nights – we had some great adventures and we spent a lot of petrol driving through the amazing Scandinavian cities. But what I really do think that you may be interested in taking a look on, is whatever has to do with…emm...spirits?

So, this is all the alcohol – production – related information that I can share with you about our journey:

Our first stop was the Carlsberg Visitors CentreCarlsberg is one of the Nordic region’s oldest breweries with an impressive  history. A visit to Carlsberg  (founded in 1847) means that you are going to be able and see the Jacobsen Brewhouse which is responsible for keeping the spirit and legacy of Carlsberg’s founder J.C. Jacobsen alive. In the 10.000 m² Visitors Centre, we were able to live the beer culture during our 50 minutes tour, we tasted some delicate beers and we admired the huge  unopened beer bottles collection, from every corner of the world, which nowadays counts over 21.000 bottles!!
From the Cocktail side of life, we were really happy to visit the Oak Room  and the glamorous and awarded Ruby.

Driving almost 600 km and crossing the  Øresund Bridge to Malmø, we finally took the E4  to Stockholm. You know, the city with the beautiful blonde women! Of course, we were hunting spirits, so after some glorious nights at the beautiful Inferno bar, we were guided through the history of the Swedish spirits production at the Wines & Spirits History Museum. Please, enjoy…