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It was a Sunday morning, on the 13th of May. The weather was sunny and we decided to go for a ride with my motorcycle in the Messogia area of Attica, near Markopoulo, Porto Rafti and next to Brauron or Vravrona. Having driven for 40 km, we stopped at a beautiful beach on the eastern coast of Attica in order to enjoy the sun and the deep blue color of the Aegean Sea. Half an hour later, we passed next to the sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron (an early sacred site of the area built during the era 700-508 BC). Driving next to green fields and many small and bigger vineyards, we finally arrived at Domaine Vassiliou. The place was open for visitors, since it was the second day of the pan European Open Doors event and we tasted some of their lovingly made wines, like: Ampelones (Savvatiano & Roditis), Dokimes (roze wine from agiorgitiko variety) and their top grand reserve wine; the excellent spicy, complex and smooth Igemon.

As I have said before, what I like most while I am searching for ultimate wines & spirits, is something that goes far behind the label of a product ; it has nothing to do with the appearance of a bottle. Yes, it is all about the passion. The passion that some people feel for their work and helps them create amazing products. The same passion that the people of Vassiliou Estate shared with us and I would like to share with you…


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