Tarragon’s Bee : A delightful genever cocktail

I was very happy to create the Tarragon’s Bee cocktail, since it meant that I finally managed to combine so many different ingredients in such a simple concoction.

Tarragon's Bee : A delightful genever cocktailpicture: Vangelis Patsialos 

I enjoy drinking genever neat. But as you may know, I also enjoy creating interesting cocktails. Since I had started experimenting myself in making different things using tarragon (estragon), I ended up  drinking the Tarragon’s Bee Cocktail, which is a combination of the Dutch spirit with tea, honey and tarragon. Here is the recipe:

  • 45 ml  De Ooievaar Loyaal zeer oude genever
  • 40 ml fresh orange juice
  • 25 ml caramel & vanilla honey syrup*
  • 6-7 tarragon leaves

Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a nice green sprig of tarragon.

* In order to make the caramel & vanilla honey syrup you should follow the next steps: First you have to make the flavored tea, by leaving two caramel & vanilla Twinnings tea bags into a cup (~200 ml) filled with hot water. Then, transfer the tea into a bigger vessel and another cup of honey into this. Stir the mixture until sugar is fully dissolved.
Spyros Patsialos
Γνωστός και ως Gin Guru, είναι ο δημιουργός του huntingspirits.tv. Υπήρξε bartender από το 2000 ως το 2014 και γράφει για το αλκοόλ από το 2009. Άρθρα του έχουν δημοσιευθεί σε free press και στο FINE Drinking Magazine.
Spyros Patsialos
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