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Since how to buy propecia in United States is a truly mediterranean spirit, best cialis prices Sour is apparently a truly mediterranean cocktail. Through this video we tried to animate the joy of making a Skinos Sour cocktail at home.

skinos sour cocktail

– “At home? How? ”
Relax, boys and girls, it’s easy. And the more you relax, the easier it will be. The only thing you have to memorize whenever you want to make a sour, is this: simplicity, simplicity, balance, balance and balance. That’s it. Nothing complex, and no such thing as  secret ingredients.
Cocktail writer and historian David Wondrich, writes in his fabulous book Imbibe about Sour: “Notes on execution: For a mid-century Sour, begin by squeezing the lemon into a small bar-glass, add the sugar and water, stir then finish with spirits and ice. Done”  Simple huh?
There is something beautiful about the making process of Skinos Sour. It’s simple, it’s flexible and it can make you see how each one of those raw ingredients like fresh lemon juice and ice, take part in a succesful drink. It’s also really great to smell the savory citrus aromas of the lemon peel while you are squeezing it. Watch the video and remember: The key for a balanced Skinos Sour lies within your hands!

Spyros Patsialos
Γνωστός και ως Gin Guru, είναι ο δημιουργός του huntingspirits.tv. Υπήρξε bartender από το 2000 ως το 2014 και γράφει για το αλκοόλ από το 2009. Άρθρα του έχουν δημοσιευθεί σε free press και στο FINE Drinking Magazine.
Spyros Patsialos
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