Rich in detail, challenging, and entertaining, The Canon Cocktail Book is poised to be an essential drinks manual for bartenders and bar industry professionals that dream of opening their own bar.


Who would you recommend this book to?
–  The Canon Cocktail Book is poised to be an essential drinks manual for bartenders, cocktail experts, at-home cocktail enthusiasts and those seeking to up their cocktail game, including bar industry professionals that dream of possibly opening their own bar.     

When was this book published?
–  November 2016

Who is the author?
–  Jamie Boudreau and James O. Fraioli are the authors of The Canon Cocktail Book.
James O. Fraioli is a talented and experienced cookbook author, and a 2014 James Beard Award Winner. He has 23 cookbooks to his credit, with more books in production.
Jamie Boudreau is the owner of Canon: whiskey and bitters emporium in Seattle, WA. Boudreau has performed at the top of his field for years, leading trends and informing the public with seminars around the world, his video series at Small Screen network, and before that with his cocktail blog. His cocktails and bars have been highlighted in most major print publications and even on TV shows such as the Big Bang Theory and Players. 


So, what’s so special about this book?
 – Home to the Western Hemisphere’s largest spirit collection, Seattle bar Canon: Whiskey and Bitters Emporium has achieved unprecedented, worldwide acclaim. Named Best Bar in America by Esquire, Canon received Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards for World’s Best Drinks Selection (2013) and World’s Best Spirits Selection (2015). In the book, Jamie Boudreau offers 100 cocktail recipes ranging from riffs on the classics, like the Cobbler’s Dream and Corpse Reviver No. 1 and No. 2,  Sidecar, to their lineup of original house drinks, such as the Truffled Old Fashioned and the Banksy Sour. In addition to tips, recipes, and formulas for top-notch cocktails, syrups, and infusions, Boudreau breaks down the fundamentals and challenges of opening and running a bar – from business plans to menu creation. The Canon Cocktail Book is rich in detail, challenging, and fascinating.

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